Soggiorno linguistico in Irlanda

Un gruppo di studenti del nostro istituto ha trascorso un periodo di soggiorno linguistico in Irlanda, nella cittadina di Malahide. Ecco le loro impressioni.

General information - We stayed in Malahide from 17th to 24th September. We had the opportunity to live with Irish families and to visit places in and around Dublin. We attended classes with Irish teachers in the afternoon and we sometimes went out in the evening, too. The weather was not too bad, only a bit wet and windy sometimes. All in all, we really enjoyed our experience. It was great fun to meet new people and live far from home in a way different from usual, even though it was only for a week.
Katrina, Asia, Aurora, Rea

Malahide - Malahide is a lovely coastal town to the north of Dublin. The most important site here is the Castle. When we visited it, we could learn something about its history (there is also a ghost, of course!). We walked among tropical plants and strange flowers in the botanic gardens and we saw a pond and a greenhouse with hundreds of colourful butterflies. Then we had fun doing a treasure hunt in the huge park of the castle.
Elisa, Alisia, Beatrice, Vanessa

School - We went to school every afternoon, from 2 to 5. Every day we talked about a different topic, like photography, memes, typical Irish food and the best ways to enjoy Malahide. We really enjoyed classes and had a good time together. If we could have the opportunity, we would like to go back there again for sure!
Sara, Margherita, Marta, Alessandro, Mirko

Host families - We find that Irish families are quite different from Italian ones: they are very friendly and welcoming and they are more open-minded than our own families. We really enjoyed staying with our host parents and their kids. Talking with them obviously made our English better.
Giulia, Samuele, Mattia, Chiara, Carla

Dublin - The most amazing fact in Dublin is that people are always playing and singing in the streets. We visited the city three times, so we could learn about St Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Gallery and historical O’Connell Street. But there was also time for shopping and eating on the busy Grafton Street!
Filippo, Riccardo, Lisa, Andrea

In the evening - During our stay in Malahide, we went out twice in the evening. It was great fun to have dinner together in a traditional Irish pub. Then we learned how to do Irish dancing. Two girls showed us some easy steps and then we tried. Embarrassing but very amusing, too!
Elisa, Sofia, Lucrezia, Giuseppe