Soggiorno linguistico in Irlanda

Last Saturday we came back to Italy from a wonderful experience. We stayed in Ireland for a week and we did lots of things. In the mornings we attended lessons, which were really interesting and stimulating. We also had  the opportunity to visit places full of history such as Malahide Castle and the Dublinia Museum, as well as  wonderful landscapes such as Sailors’ Village; the trips were great too. This experience was very helpful and constructive. During the week we matured and we became more responsible. We had to take the bus alone whilst respecting the timetable, and toured cities on our own.

For the first time in our lives we had an experience with real English people and this has improved our English so much. Moreover, staying with our host families we faced different mentalities and lifestyles from ours. It was also very useful for our social relationships, in fact we made new friends. We got to know the Irish culture and that was really interesting! We’d like to have another similar experience again.                                Class 1B LL

The week in Ireland was a wonderful experience from all the points of view. It allowed us to stay together and, between fun and some inconvenience, helped us a lot in embarking on the English language. This trip has taught us to grow up and to become more responsible. I hope to return to Ireland soon and to live fantastic new experiences.

Sara Colonna Accettura, Filippo Airoldi, Francesca De Luca, Elisa Grottaroli, Arianna Meggetto, class 1C LL

The study holiday in Ireland was an opportunity to practice English and visit a country I had never been to. What I liked most about this trip was being able to make friends with people I didn't know, and being able to spend time with my friends, but above all discovering that I was more independent than I thought and that I was able to communicate in English in different situations.

Arianna Sparacia, Francesca Curioni, Sofia Galli, Alessia Lorandi, Alessia Irritano, Greta Mazzucchi, class 1C LL

It was an amazing experience because we learned more English while having fun and we visited beautiful cities. We'd like to do it again!

Fiorillo Linda, Matteo Iacopino, Marta Pistone, Pietro Dossena, class 1B LSU

 Ireland, our first study holiday as a class group and one of the best experiences we could have. It was also a way to meet new people, visit new places and improve our knowledge of English.

Mattia Laurenti e Francesca De Luca, class 1C LL

 Travelling to Ireland allowed me to discover places I had never been to, such as the Wicklow Mountains and Malahide Castle, and also to make new friends. This experience helped me with the study of English, but at home my roommate and I weren’t able to communicate much with the family, because they worked a lot. In conclusion I would like to tell the other students to participate in these study holidays, because they help you a lot with the study of foreign languages and make you grow up.

Elisa Ferrero, class 1C LL

 We didn’t only visit new places, but also learnt about a different culture, and made new travel companions, who accompanied us during our experience to discover a new country.

 Sara Cerutti, Rossana Pisano, Maria Golam, Francesca Attadia, class 1C LL

 Every trip is special, but this experience was unique, because from this experience we have not only improved our use of the English language, but we have also learned to be more independent and to communicate with other people. This is what we have at the end, in addition to the memory of the magnificent place!

 Alice Gerbino e Beatrice D’angelo, class 1C LL